We are the AC sterilization specialist

Breathing problems? Negative health consequences from dirty air con systems?

Did you know hot temperatures and rain makes our AC unit a breeding ground for bacteria? Apparently, dust is not the only substance needed cleaning!

Facts other AC servicing company do not tell you!

Danger of AC Bacteria

Is your AC making you sick? Here are 7 signs you should be aware of:

Sensitive Skin


Joints Pain




Blocked Nose

Who's at high risk by bacteria-infested air from your air conditioning unit?

How to deal with bacteria

About HPS Technology

Characteristics of HPS

Key Feature 1: High temperature steam sterilization

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Key Feature 2: Deep pressurized cleaning

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Key Feature 3: Harmless Detergent

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Key Feature 4: Safety Inspection Report

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85% less bacteria! Fresh Cool’s HPS Deep Cleaning method is scientifically proven to improve the quality of air:

Original air bacteria index: 1300
Air bacteria index after sterilization: 178

(Statistics from SGS laboratory sampling test report SGS/AE23096-AE23097/2016)

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After HPS Deep Cleaning, I no longer have stuffy nose and itchy throat in the morning! It was really amazing! They’ve done a great job and it’s all worthy.

Loi Ping Soo

As compared to all other AC cleaning services, I give Fresh Cool 200% for effort! They are punctual, always smiling with extremely friendly customer service. They make me feel appreciated and worthy of the service!

Patrick Lim

Fresh Cool is very professional. Great cleaning techniques for both the indoor and outdoor unit. Will definitely recommend them to all my friends for their HPS Deep Cleaning services!

Chong Clement

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