Is Your Air Conditioning Safe for Babies

It is warm and humid all year round in Malaysia. It is uncomfortable to sleep without air conditioning. However, for parents with newborn babies, you need to take note of the following matters before you put your newborns in an air-conditioned room.

1. Appropriate Temperature


The ideal temperature in a baby’s room is 25-28°C. If the weather is hot outside, the temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and normal room temperature should be around 6-7°C. If it’s not too hot, then 3-5°C is just nice. Besides, the air conditioner fan speed must not be too high.

Tips: It’s best to turn the air conditioner on only after the baby has entered the room. Before you bring your baby outdoors, turn off the air conditioner and wait till the room is back to room temperature. This helps the baby to adjust to the temperature difference indoors and outdoors.

2. Regular Ventilation


Allow fresh air to flow in the room regularly, at least twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes, once in the morning and once at night. This practice can help maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Smoking in the room should also be avoided at all times. If your baby have allergies or respiratory problems, it’s advisable to have an air purifier in the room and to get anti-bacterial air conditioner cleaning services to improve indoor air quality.

3. Stay Hydrated


After staying for a while in an air-conditioned room, the baby might experience dryness in the mouth and throat. This is because the moisture in his/her body evaporates in air conditioning and the air conditioner is not capable of regulating indoor humidity. Therefore, its’s important to give the baby water more often, at the same time, keeping its skin moisturized. When necessary, you might need an air humidifier.

4. Avoid Direct Air Blow


Being exposed to direct air blowing from an air conditioner can make babies fall sick easily, in mild cases, causing a runny and blocked nose, and in more severe cases, bronchitis or even pneumonia. Cold air blown directly from the air conditioner can also cause facial spasms. The symptoms include low blood circulation, swelling and numbness on the face.

Tips: Install your air conditioner at a suitable location where air will not blow directly onto your baby. Lower the fan speed and limit the duration of keeping the air conditioner on in the room.

5. Regular Air Conditioner Services

If the air conditioner is left uncleaned for a long period of time, the moisture can cause dirt to accumulate and thus encourages bacteria and virus to grow. To work or live under such unhealthy environment, one might experience symptoms like drowsiness and weakness. The elderly and children are even more vulnerable to such risk.

Tips: You can clean the filter net of your air conditioner once a week or once every two week, but it’s best to get the professional to do a thorough cleaning every 9 to 12 months to ensure a healthy indoor air quality.